Now is the time.

The outcome of our city's critical RUNOFF November 16th election will set the tone for Columbia's next decade. Where do we want to go next?

Earlier this week, I received the most impactful and important endorsement any candidate can receive…
8,407 endorsements in fact.


That’s right, 8,407 voters in the City of Columbia voted for me Tuesday night.
For that, I am deeply honored and will be forever grateful.


For almost a year, our campaign has focused on a simple, yet meaningful platform:

Columbia can do better. We need to get back to the basics and focus on hiring police officers and giving them the training and equipment they need, reforming our broken tax structure so businesses can grow,
and getting the steel plates off our roads.


We came in first in the four-person field with 44% of votes and winning by a 13+ point margin.

A runoff election will be held November 16 to determine the final winner because we fell short of 50%.
Everyone is eligible to vote in the runoff.

Call or Text a Friend or Neighbor

Simple notes and conversations go a long way!

Please Use Social Media

Sharing your own words, videos, and photos helps immensely in our attempt to spread the word here locally, and encourage voter turnout.

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