Pathway to Progress

This is our road map to move Columbia forward. By prioritizing public safety and creating job opportunities that promise advancement, we will help Columbia families thrive; not just survive. 


Prioritize Public Safety.  

Public safety is our top priority. Every part of our city deserves safe and clean streets. This starts by allocating existing funds to provide our first responders the training and equipment they need.  Prioritizing public safety will show that Columbia is a clean and safe place with the right conditions to live and raise a family.  


Support Small Business Owners. 

From Devine Street to North Main, local businesses have invested in this city generation after generation. The most recent tax study has outlined the obstacles businesses must overcome to succeed. By making it easier to start a new business and grow existing ones, we can help our small business community thrive.  


Repair Infrastructure.

Safe, reliable infrastructure should be a basic service provided to the citizens of Columbia. By partnering with locally owned construction companies, we will work to fix our roads and water leaks while also ensuring more people become stakeholders in their own neighborhood.  


Build Better and More Affordable Housing. 

The lack of affordable housing has crippled our local economy. Affordable housing will be more readily available through the use of special zoning opportunities and using existing lands that have been vacant in the city. By creating more accessible and affordable housing opportunities, it will boost our local workforce.  


Create Job Opportunities that Promise Advancement. 

Having jobs that provide opportunity for growth and advancement, allows for our Columbia families to not only survive, but give them a chance to thrive. By removing barriers that discourage new investments, our city will welcome innovation and progress which will ultimately allow new and existing businesses to flourish. 


Generate Growth by Finishing Projects. 

Projects around the city including, Finlay Park, the Bull Street District and the Columbia Canal Diversion Dam, have been left unfinished and incomplete. We owe it to our citizens to complete all city projects in a timely manner. When completed, these projects will improve quality of life in our city, by welcoming growth through tourism and investment.  


Bring Innovation to our City Government

City governments carry out services through taxpayer funding. Our citizens are owed the best return on their investment by ensuring accountability and transparency down to the cent. By innovatively streamlining our city government, we can provide citizens the best return on their investment in our city.